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Indigo Games is the personal web site of Richard Gardner, an Independant Game Developer and Professional PC Computer Graphics Programmer.


Richard John Garder


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Free Career Advice and Mentoring

I'm happy to offer free career advice and mentoring to any aspiring young Game Developers out there. If you are consider a future career as a Game Developer, and want some career advice or assistance with any personal projects, feel free to email me with your contact details and I will be happy to give you any assistance that I can provide.



My Games



Wildlife Explorer - Birds of North America

Track, identify, photograph.

  • Explore 4 fully-interactive 3D Environments across North America, rendered using state-of-the-art graphics technology.
  • Identify and photograph 45 Species of Birds, realistically animated, including the elusive Ivory-billed Woodpecker.
  • Locate birds by ear - includes high quality real-world audio recordings.
  • Track birds using stealth tracking techniques.
  • Build up your Life List as you progress as a Bird Watcher towards the coveted title of Master Birder. Earn Birder badges to mark your progress, unlock rare species & earn new equipment.
  • Hours of game play with easy-to-use mouse-driven interface.
  • A compelling first-person stealth spotting simulation - ideal for Simulation gamers & bird watchers.
  • Engrossing family-friendly content makes this an ideal game for all ages.
  • Learn about the real behavior and habitats of common birds across North America.
  • Supports Mouse/Keyboard operation.

Do you have the skill to achieve the coveted title of Master Birder?

Will you be the one to re-discover the elusive Ivory-billed Woodpecker, and be the first person to post conclusive virtual photographic evidence of your find?




Wildlife Explorer - Birds of North AmericaBirds of North America Overview
Free Download
Strategy Guide

Format : PC / Windows

Developed in: C++, DirectX9

Released: September 2007

Development Time: 16 months

Development Team:

  • Game Design, Coding : Richard Gardner
  • Game Design Consultant: Mike Pondsmith
  • Art : 5 International contractors
  • QA: Friends & family








Noobs - Unity Game DemoNoobs Unity Demo    

Noobs - Unity Game Prototype

Exploring Unity Physics.

  • You control the 'Noob' with WASD keys
  • Click on any of the three coloured launchers to generate Blocks
  • Stack Blocks on the Construction Grid
  • Take control of the Truck or Bulldozer
  • Pickup/Move Blocks by controlling the Truck
  • Push Blocks by controlling the Bulldozer

Format : PC / Windows

Developed in: Unity, C#(Mono)

Development Time: 3 Weeks

Development Team:

  • Game Design, Coding, Art: Richard Gardner






CC - Unity Game DemoCC - Unity Demo Download  

CC - Unity Game Prototype

Close Combat clone.

  • You control two squads of infantry
  • Select a squad
  • Issue Commands
  • Move your squads
  • Locate & take out the enemy German Infantry squads

Format : PC / Windows

Developed in: Unity, C#(Mono)

Development Time: 2 Weeks

Development Team:

  • Game Design, Coding, Art: Richard Gardner


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